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Ok yall…. For the past few weeks I have been finding myself arguing with racists on the internet…. today wasn’t that… but I did see a post that shook me to my core and sent me on a whole rant.

A white artist that I know and follow posted something that triggered me. Once I started writing my response…. I realized it had turned into a book… and sometimes the passion in me mixed with the utter disbelief of the caucasity I be witnessing and experiencing will lead me to this blog… which has been like a journel/outlet for me to really get out my thoughts with no censorship. I’m telling you in advance I wrote a book… the damn comment wasn’t gone fit on IG no way…. but by the time I was ready to post it… he had already turned the comments off on the post…. he didn’t delete the post tho… which is SUS…. anywho.

This blog entry is worth the read…. I really hope he reads my response and I hope that this perspective from a fellow black creative, & business owner (Black Businesses might I add) will penetrate beyond his ego into his heart. I hope something resonates because that post he made was a fool…. and I really don’t think he understands just how bad it was. Anywho…. Here is his post and my response to it. I aint proofreading shit and I type how I talk and use (…) these a lot!

IG Post from the artist I was referring to.
And the caption smh……

My response that never was gone fit on IG but I got carried away because shit like this really be breaking my heart….. and I just want people to really think….. beyond themselves and their privilege. I really do want us all to get along… I really do…. But yall ( ppl who agree with this shit and the all lives matter idiots…. yall got alottttaaa work to do and a lot of conditioning to break free from… and just because you got the long end of the stick… don’t mean the conditioning you received right along with it dont need to be dismantled.

It’s literally our norm…. for hundreds of years in America for white people and other races to own everything in our communities…. and own everything that we use for our everyday lives.

How many Black owned Hospitals, banks, grocery stores, shopping malls, beauty supply stores, nail shops, hell even funeral homes do you know of?? All this shit Blacks use everyday yet we haven’t had ownership in none of the shit ever…& you probably can count on 1 hand how many of those things I listed above are black owned in LA. The white banks been fucking us over for hundreds of years .. giving us bad loans IF we do make it through the burning fire to even get approved. Why shouldn’t we want to Bank BLACK?? These white doctors killing Black Women during childbirth the same way these cops killing us with no repercussions… why wouldn’t we want our own hospitals. Asian ppl racially profiling you and might even shoot and kill yo black ass for walking into their liquor store because it “look like you stealing” wtf wouldn’t we want our own???? The music industry been raping black artists and creatives since it started …. why shouldn’t we have own our own labels, publishing companies and distribution companies??? Colgate, Neutrogena, Dove, Johnson and Johnson and all of these white major corporations are literally poisoning us with all of their toxic ass products…. why you mad that Black ppl wanna start making their own cosmetics, skincare, and other essentials that’s not toxic… shit that’s better for our skin and our hair…. why you only want the whites to own these companies and take all of our money?!? What’s wrong with Blacks putting money back into their own communities instead?

White ppl come into our neighborhoods with their cute lil businesses, Starbucks and wholefoods …. gentrifying OUR communities….. but oh how glorious it would be if we could come into our own communities and put our own businesses there… kinda like how the Jews got Fairfax and that area on lock…. or how the Asians and Koreans got Chinatown and Koreatown…

 I mean …you and anybody else that think like you are literally choosing to be blind to the obvious…. but I guess only Black ppl being Pro Black, becoming communal, pooling their money together, and being mindful of where and how it’s being spent is threatening or alarming …. last time that happened Tulsa was on fire smdh.

That’s how scared y’all are of our unity … & our economic strength has literally created generational wealth for every other ethnicity I listed EXCEPT our own… so WHY ARE YOU MAD. Instead of building up everybody else family and communities and trust funds…. WE WANT OUR FUCKING OWN!!

 This is why no one has to scream white owned businesses or white own music industry because everybody knowssssssssssss. Now that we are screaming the importance of Black entrepreneurship and Black Owned Businesses so we can wake our ppl up to being on the same game as everyone else over here then it’s a problem.

The Black Dollar spends Trillions a year …. and we don’t own shit… why y’all hating now.? We want our kids to give up on that good job and education bullshit that was force fed to us to keep us as employees and never CEOs …. when we segregated and built our own thriving communities Angry Whites burned them down… every single one of them. As a Black woman … if I know that where I spend my money matters …. why wouldn’t I spend my money at Black Owned Businesses. Why would I spend my hard earned black dollars with companies who don’t even care about our Black lives, would never hire me or no other black person as a CEO,  who don’t respect us, or even consider us as human beings???? White America still got this 3/5s of a person fuck shit going on in their hearts and minds and it’s evident AF. That’s why I want to spend all my money at black owned everything and encourage all Black pp, POC & non poc to support BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES.

  This whole wave of Black ppl loving on themselves and each other and promoting Black Owned businesses that exist but are often overlooked just because ppl don’t even know they exist is beautiful… We promoting our shit so hard because some of us don’t even know that a Black owned alternative exists! We in Capitalistic ass AmeriKKKa …. you know the importance of the dollar…. and you know we spend our money with people and companies who literally hate us, so Us coming together promoting each others shit is a Protest… it is a Revolutionary act, it’s soooo deserving, and it’s about damn time.

We have to scream Black own this and Black owned that to the mountain tops because our ppl not used to seeing thousands of Black CEOs… we are raised from birth to go find a good job working for some white man … get the white mans good education to be accepted and get that job… even though it’s gone leave u in debt and u still probably won’t be able to get a job when u graduate anyway because the CEO position you been busting yo ass for and 100k in debt for is probably gonna go to the unqualified white son of the business owners frat brother if not his own.

You don’t understand why this is important because you don’t understand the extent of our trauma here in this country… u really don’t. Because if you did. You would be encouraging Black ppl to continue supporting their own…. we have so far to catch up that’s it’s not even possible to not patronize everyone else. But if other races pooled their money, resources and businesses together for collective economic growth and generation wealth for their kids … why can’t we. If y’all can have family businesses to be proud of and pass down jobs and money generation after generation why can’t we?  The difference is all of y’all do exactly what we do… you just have the privilege of not having to say “white owned businesses” cuz like I keep saying … EVERYBODY KNOWS…. smdh  but as I said before…..we don’t even know that half of these black businesses out here exist because we have been in the fucking matrix our whole lives ….

It is in no way racist for me to be supporting or promoting Black Owned businesses, and I’m kinda shocked that you actually believe you are right on this one. (Since there is only right or wrong, good or evil…truth or lies) It’s sad… but I’ve seen and heard worse on this app.

Also … “Currently, a dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish communities approximately 20 days and white communities 17 days. How long does a dollar circulate in the black community? 6 hours! African American buying power is at 1.1 Trillion, yet only 2 cents of every dollar an African American spends in this country goes to black owned businesses.”

So knowing this…. how can y’all even sit up here and say this wild shit………….. shall I say say it’s your PRIVILEGE?!? And idgaf how many “Black Friends” you got…. they’re not for the movement and advancement of Black People if they don’t understand the value of the Black Dollar, how it circulates, the importance of starting and supporting BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES, and why now is the time to start digging ourselves out of this grave “racist white ppl” have dug for blacks in America 400 years ago; that they are still throwing us in today, and they want our kids, kids, kids in there too!

Black Owned Businesses is the way to empower our communities and close the wealth gap. It’s a way to turn us from slaves to CEOs….It’s a way out. Y’all love to think Pro Black means Anti White…. and this ain’t that. We hate systemic oppression, white supremacy, and racism…. if you’re white and wanna give up your privilege to help us combat that bullshit then there shouldn’t be an issue. Ppl out here tryna save their kids from this hell we got brainwashed into and y’all on the gram hatin smh .