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Ok so…the other day we were all hanging out and chilling at my house like we always do….and I was going on some kinda passionate ass rant and the homie Othneil was like yo when is your bday… so he calculates some shit and then pulls up this info and my computer…. it was a lot to read so I didnt relly look at it that night… but like 3 days later I ended up reading it and OMG.

It’s just all so relevant to whats going on with me right now… the shit was mindblowing no lie. I actually think Im gonna post my reaction to what I read later… might do a vlog or something…. it seems too full of twist and turns and realizations to try to write it out… yall think im long winded now…. smh

Anywho…. Here is the link to the site I got this from! And here is the life path encoding for me. Im a 39/12



Those on the 39/12 life path are here to work through issues of
creativity, cooperation, and integrity, expressing themselves through
creative teamwork, aligned with higher wisdom, in a spirit of mutual
cooperation. Examples of cooperative teams include the Wright
brothers, Gilbert and Sullivan, Barnum and Bailey, Rogers and
Hammerstein, and Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers; sports teams also
represent a form of creative cooperation, producing together what
they could not do as well, or at all, alone.
The life purpose of all Is involves creative energy, but most Is can
create in relative independence or even isolation. Because of the
combined influence of 2, the abundant creative energy of 39/12s
manifests best in cooperation with others, creating a whole greater
than the sum of the independent parts.
Using the method outlined in this book for determining birth numbers,
we do not add together the final two digits of four-digit birth numbers.
However, if we did add them together (1 + 2), we would end up with
39/12/3, underscoring the double influence of expressive energy (3)
for 39/12s.

Although 39/12s share the core 12 with 48/12s, their life path differs
considerably because they combine the emotional sensitivity and
expressive drives of 3s with strong 9 energy, including a depth of
wisdom and internal seriousness as well as charisma. Because of
strong 9 energy, 39/12s feel most fulfilled if they cooperate in
alignment with higher principles or spiritual laws, and if their work
allows them to grow and learn.
People working birth numbers like 20/2 or 30/3 have all of their
energetic eggs in one basket; they confront their life path directly
on. But 39/12s, with their issues of expressive energy (3) and
integrity and wisdom (9), with their cauldron of creative energy (1)
and associated responsibilities (2), often feel overwhelmed at times.
They may take longer than those on different life paths to come into
their own, when their psyche finally sorts out and harnesses all of their
emerging qualities and drives. Our life purpose isn’t what comes
easiest, but when 39/12s integrate their insides and find a balance
between helping too much and helping too little, and when they learn
to give to themselves as well as give to others, they manifest an
inherent ability to create extraordinary forms of meaning, inspiration,
service, and beauty.
Whether working with another individual or with a group, 39/12s
display a depth of emotion and almost religious internalization of
meaning and purpose that lets them feel the depths of their soul and
the souls of others.

Nearly all 39/12s have abundant energy. Highly emotional, 39/12s
base their intelligence on emotional intuition and sensitivity to the core
issues of life. For the most part, 39/12s have little time for frivolous or
shallow concerns; they may need to lighten up and act silly on
occasion, to remind themselves that life doesn’t have to be so serious,
at least from a transcendental perspective.
Most 39/12s feel somehow different from other people, almost like
outsiders. Due to their emotional sensitivity, combined with the
unsettled sense of identity of 9s, 39/12s often suffer from self-doubt
and vulnerability to others’ opinions. They may appear subdued or
inhibited, but beneath their controlled persona bubbles an inspired
passion for life and for making a difference. If withdrawn, 39/12s need
to get out into the fray, to “stand up inside themselves,” and bring
their energy into life despite others’ opinions.
Most 39/12s need to pay close attention to how positively or
negatively they’re using their creative energy in cooperation with
others. They need to avoid getting drawn into other people’s problems
by remembering the difference between sympathy (joining others
down in their dark hole) and empathy (throwing others a ladder).
Those working 39/12 come here to find their center and their balance
so that they can serve others while also taking care of their own
needs. This in turn allows them to regenerate and serve with others
even more effectively. If 39/12s feel good about themselves
emotionally, they’ll release and enjoy their creative energy to its
fullest range and bring their passion and the beauty of their creative
energy into the world.
Overall, no matter what form their contributions take, 39/12s feel
happiest when working for a higher cause, in cooperation with friends,
colleagues, clients, and the world at large.


The many fine qualities these individuals possess are magnified
through their interaction and collaboration with others. They bring
passion, presence, and expressive creativity into the world. They
respect others’ opinions as well as their own. They know when to hold
their ground and when to stay flexible. They make loyal friends, and
their relationships are based on heartfelt feeling and deep
understanding and respect. They find meaning and enjoyment in their
work, which makes use of their creativity and expression, as they help
others do their best. These individuals show class and refinement,
strength and sensitivity.


Stubborn and insecure, these individuals create in the negative
through complaints and cutting remarks that reflect the depth of
overwhelming passions for which they can find no outlet. They
overgive, then find fault and withdraw. They have trouble getting
along, even with themselves, as their drives compete for priority and
attention and their mind whirls as they try to decide what they should
do and for whom. They feel as if they’re living for other people, at the
whim of others’ needs and opinions. They have unusual, emotionally
generated physical ailments stemming from frustrated expression.
They feel lonely and isolated.


Because of the emotional sensitivity and depth of 39/12s, what
troubles them cuts deep. Their hypersensitivity is aggravated by the
tendency to feel responsible. When under stress or when their
energies are suppressed, they are susceptible to psychosomatic
maladies and unusual illnesses, not just colds or the flu. This tendency
decreases as 39/12s begin to work their life purpose in the positive.
The most vulnerable areas of 39/12s shifts based on which of the part
of their birth number they are working. Their throat can flare up if
expression is blocked. The reproductive area (including abdomen or
lower back) is also sensitive. They are subject to stress-produced
allergies. Blocked creativity and expression underlie many physical
symptoms, which serve as signs that 39/12s need to open up their
creativity and express inhibited feelings. Physical symptoms also signal
the need for 39/12s to bring their life into alignment with the spiritual
laws they came here to live.
Most 39/12s have refined dietary tastes, and food and emotions are
interrelated for them. If they’re feeling down, they may not want to
eat, or they may pick at food; alternately, they may link food to
consolation and overeat. The more they express their feelings, the
more intuitive rather than emotionally dependent their dietary choices
They benefit from exercise that combines elements of strength with
sensitivity, such as yoga, t’ai chi, or other aesthetic, even meditative,
forms that best suit their tastes. They can turn a basketball or
volleyball game into an aesthetic event, but group sports, if they even
play them, have more to do with relationship than with the game
itself. More likely, a regular, conscious routine of movement and
breathing brings 39/12s the most benefit and enjoyment.

Those working 39/12 are fed, nourished, and guided by their
emotions. As long as 39/12s stay attuned to their feelings, they make
good choices in relationships. They generally intuit, although not
always consciously, that their primary relationship serves a larger
purpose, beyond companionship or convenient sexual release.
People working certain birth numbers do not require relationships to
fulfill their life purpose, but 39/12s nearly always feel a drive to share
their life with someone, for only in relationship and cooperation does
their creativity find its fullest expression. However, their relationships
also serve as clear mirrors of all of their major issues, including selfdoubt
and insecurity, vulnerability to others’ opinions, the need for
honest expression, and, foremost, issues of cooperation. All 39/12s in
relationship need an understanding and compassionate partner—
someone who shares rather than makes too many demands, because
even though they have much to give, 39/12s tend to over-give in
response to demands and then feel drained.
In the arena of sexuality, 39/12s need to avoid getting drawn into
messy situations. While it may not show to others, 39/12s are
romantics and feel deep attractions; they develop “crushes” every now
and then. They need to remember not to get involved with anyone
who has more problems than they do, and to stay away from married
men or women other than their own partner. Spiritual laws apply
strongly to relationships; if 39/12s get into problematic situations,
they learn painful lessons.
The relationships of 39/12s display depth and passion. As they bring
out that passion within the secure bonds of relationship, it nourishes
the soil from which their life b10ssoms. Emotions and mutual support
provide the fertilizer and the magic. A fulfilling sexual life, no matter
how it is expressed, follows naturally.

Once they find their confidence, 39/12s make natural performers in
many fields, whether they act, make sales presentations, tell stories,
or give inspired sermons. They also do very well in creative support
positions, for example, as book or magazine editors. Their charisma
eventually brings recognition, even if they start in the background.
They also make very creative therapists who are in tune with others’
feelings. Their multiple energies and drives lead to varied talents;
these individuals can see and feel issues from different perspectives.
They can bring forth sensitivity or strength as needed. Their strong
opinions are usually well-founded, but they need to stay flexible and
open. They do well in any field where their creative mind supports
others to do their own creative work. They feel most inspired when
their work supports a higher cause.
Generally, the financial state of 39/12s reflects the degree to which
they are working their life path in the positive—the degree to which
they have overcome self-doubt and focused on an area of work that
uses their talents. Much of their energy is spent just holding things
together, finding their focus with so many competing forces and
opportunities within and without. Most 39/12s make good money but
usually choose work with other criteria predominating. If they choose
to help run a large company, they may earn a high salary; if they
choose to be a storyteller in the park, they may make just enough to
get by. Once they overcome self-doubt and step forward into the world
with their unique combination of talents and drives, their fortunes will
rise to the occasion.

The above is an excerption from Dan Millman’s book The Life
You Were Born To Live. More in-depth information about your
specific spiritual challenges can be found there.